Drug Court Solutions

Premier provides an advanced call-in compliance system (IVR), collections, laboratory services, instant drug testing devices, random test scheduling, and data entry for the Commonwealth of Kentucky Drug Court -- recognized as being the national leader in the drug court movement. Premier is ready and able to support your criminal justice program needs.


  • A unique Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call-in system.
  • The nation's lowest level of detection utilizing instant devices for on-site testing (FDA approved) providing for Zero Tolerance.
  • Laboratory services which include screening and the accuracy of GC/MS confirmation by a federally certified laboratory.
  • Random scheduling for thousands of drug screens each month.
  • Data entry for results on thousands of drug screens daily.
  • A 24-hour hotline for technical support relating to drugs and devices used in testing.
  • JUDICATOR technology, the nation's foremost on-line offender management program providing advanced management and reporting for offenders with no specialized software needed.