Schools: Faculty and Staff

Since drug addiction is no respecter of social class or education, more and more school districts across the nation are considering random employee/faculty drug testing. With embarrassment, tenure and retirement on the line, a superior drug testing company is a must. Premier is extremely familiar with the concerns of faculty regarding random drug testing. Our Orientation to Random Drug Testing presentation explains in depth and shows how we will protect your employees from false positives while protecting your school board from costly litigation. You will learn how the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 protects the prescription privacy of your employees. You can watch the body language of your employees relax as they see and hear the facts separated from drug testing fiction.

We will ensure quality and integrity in the test results and dignity in the collection process. Entrust your employees to the best, Premier Integrity Solutions! To provide for the health and safety of students, employees and visitors, more and more schools support and maintain a drug-free workplace. This policy emphasizes that employees may not be at work under the influence of alcohol or while unlawfully using controlled substances. Random employee testing is a KEY component to measuring whether you actually have a drug-free workplace. However, it is a mistake to think that random student drug testing and employee testing is the same. With testing 25,000 school tests every year and experience with securing school grants, Premier is your professional, experienced vendor of choice for school employee testing.


  • A one-stop shop approach.
  • We are a pace setter in the industry of school testing services.
  • Years of policy consultation and implementation assistance to MANY school districts.
  • Premier’s Orientation to Drug Testing program separates myth from fact in drug testing. Let our school specialist come onsite and address your district’s questions. You will see your employees relax when they see among other things: our collection protocols, how we will protect them from false positives and their confidential legitimate prescription use is guarded by the Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988.
  • With employee testing, the dignity of the same-sex collection process is paramount. Don’t trust your professional teachers with just any vendor.
  • Rely on our expertise and tested program to lower your testing liability drastically. We have years of assisting Designated School Representatives (DSRs) with positive reporting.
  • SAMHSA laboratory selection of customized drug test panels
  • All test results are reviewed by an AAMRO certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • See how doing your own collections will vastly improve your testing program and lower your cost by up to 30% and we will train you in our tested protocols FREE
  • To our knowledge, we have the only reasonable suspicion DVD training for school officials designed just for schools, filmed on a high school campus. This 42 minute DVD features nationally known drug testing attorney, Bill Judge, including vignettes of possible suspicion scenarios, a sample action plan, and signs and symptoms are discussed.
  • Other cutting edge Premier training includes: Trends in Student Drug Abuse, Employee Drug Awareness, and reasonable suspicion training and all are offered onsite
  • Competitive pricing on all instant drug test devices including bundled lab pricing
  • Why trust an inexperienced company with your employees’ tenure and retirement? Let Premier show you how today!

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