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Drug Court Premier provides an advanced call-in compliance system, collections, laboratory services, instant drug testing devices, random test scheduling, and data entry for the Commonwealth of Kentucky Drug Court -- who is recognized as being the national leader in the drug court movement. Premier is ready and able to support your criminal justice program needs. Pre-trial Premier works in pretrial programs to meet the goals of alternatives to detention, community safety and opportunity for offenders to contribute to society. Court Ordered Premier works as an extension of the courts providing court ordered drug and alcohol testing services. What is Electronic Monitoring? What is the Judicator Cup? What is Judicator Software?

Comprehensive Judicial Solutions
Laboratory Drug and Alcohol Testing including screens and GC/MS confirmations
Judicator Cup - an instant device that utilizes the lowest level of detection for zero tolerance
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Call-In System available toll-free 24 hours a day
Judicator - drug testing and participant management software
Case Management Software
Alerting, Reporting & Data Archives
Individual or Group Random Schedule Generation
Electronic GPS and Alcohol Monitoring

to provide

  • Control and due process
  • Control without detention
  • Control through accountability
  • Control with integrity of the judicial process intact

to provide

  • Opportunity to preserve basic legal rights
  • Opportunity for self-sufficiency
  • Opportunity to avoid detention's psychological and economic hardships
  • Opportunity to avoid negative arrest provoking behavior

to provide

  • Value by preserving safety through maintaining control
  • Value by reducing costs to state and local government
  • Value by allowing the defendant to continue employment and add to the local tax base

ALTERNATIVES TO INCARCERATION Kentucky district courts have an inability to adequately supervise misdemeanor probation due to a lack of resources. Probation services only extend to a felony level. Due to House Bill 463, probation and other offender related services are a necessity.

Premier Judicial Solutions can give courts an alternative to incarceration. When jail is not believed to be warranted, a person may be put on probation. However, because the state has a lack of resources, many probation cases become file management. Judges are virtually unaware if an offender has carried through with the terms of their probation until that offender is before them again on a repeat charge.

Since the state does not have the financial capabilities needed to support the district courts with the ability to appropriately supervise misdemeanor offenders, a concept that requires offenders to pay for their own court-directed activities is essential in providing offender accountability, treatment, recovery, and public safety. Premier Judicial Solutions will ease the courts workload with effective, evidence-based practices that will result in positive outcomes and a decrease in recidivism.

KRS 533.010 states: “When the court deems it in the best interest of the defendant and the public, the court may order the defendant placement for probation monitoring by a private agency. The private agency shall report to the court on the defendant’s compliance with his or her terms of probation or conditional discharge. The defendant shall be responsible for any reasonable charges which the private agency charges.”

KRS 533.010 allows the courts to proceed with community-based supervision services that can focus on offender change and rehabilitation. By utilizing private agencies, the courts have shifted the financial burden of supervision to the offender resulting in significant savings to the taxpayers. The use of private agencies for supervision presents several advantages over mere fines or unsupervised probation. SUPERVISION SERVICES The spectrum of sentencing options has diminished to the point that there is little to offer between jail-time and basic supervision. While many offenders may need more than just basic supervision, they may also not need to be incarcerated.

Our “Alternatives to Incarceration” program can provide the courts with intermediate options for offenders that may need more than just basic supervision. The options can include progressive levels of monitoring from Drug Testing, to Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM), to GPS tracking, in order to provide a level of supervision suitable for each offense. In many instances these programs may be offender-funded and there is the added benefit of financial savings to the local taxpayers. PROBATION VIOLATIONS Alternatives to Incarceration can offer the courts the opportunity to address probation violators with progressive sanctions without the necessity of jail time. Our capability to provide Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM), and GPS monitoring can allow the courts to impose curfews, stay away provisions, and alcohol monitoring as sanctions for those violations that may not rise to the level of incarceration. These programs can be utilized in both felony and misdemeanor cases. Often, these sanctions can be offender-funded and gives the added benefit of shifting the expense of sanctions from the taxpayer to the offender. HOME INCARCERATION It costs approximately $50 per day, plus medical expenses to house most offenders in a local jail. In the interest of public safety, many offenders should be kept off the streets. However, many offenders charged with or convicted of non-violent offenses may be candidates for home incarceration. These individuals may need more than standard community supervision, but they also may not need to be in jail. As an alternative sentencing option, Premier Judicial Solutions uses GPS to provide constant information on the whereabouts of offenders. Faced with the high costs of housing inmates, home incarceration is an option that provides an accurate tracking system, from allowing an offender to go to the doctor or go to work, the GPS program can track an offender’s whereabouts day and night.

House arrest quickly notifies officers when offenders leave their homes. It also monitors and tracks them no matter where they are; at school, work, and most importantly anywhere in the community they aren’t supposed to be. Learn more about the Electronic GPS Monitoring technology Learn more about the Judicator Cup Learn more about Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM)


Premier Integrity Solutions has a full array of supplemental services to help ensure successful deployment and hassle-free execution. We offer assistance with violation verification and resolution, equipment installation and removal, billing and financial administration, extended training, program consulting and day reporting services. All designed to help shrink your workloads, streamline processes and reduce paperwork. Monitoring Center Intervention Premier Integrity Solutions will provide the initial response for the most common violations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained professionals at the Monitoring Center resolve these violations through direct contact with monitored individuals. When a common violation occurs, the exact timing, method and content of the communication by the Monitoring Center will be executed in accordance with pre-established and approved agency protocols.

When a monitoring specialist resolves or is able to close-out the violation, the events and actions taken are recorded for daily reports. Monitoring center intervention allows agencies to limit the number of immediate notifications sent to officers so they only receive those that truly warrant immediate follow-up. Monitoring Intervention services are also used to confirm that officers have received alerts and if the regular supervising officer is not available, to invoke escalation procedures.

Again, the timing, method and content of the agent/officer communication will be executed in accordance with pre-established and approved agency protocols. Officer and Victim Voice Alerts Notifications when those individuals under community supervision violate the terms of their release. These automated voice alerts can be customized by offender, violation and content. Voice messages can be automatically and simultaneously sent to a virtually unlimited number of recipients including potential victims. In minor cases of non-compliance, the supervising agent may be the only person to receive a voice alert. When a major violation occurs, the supervising agent, a law enforcement officer and the potential victim could all receive automatic voice alert messages, sent to cell or landline telephones. Equipment/Inventory Services Premier Integrity Solutions will manage the complete installation. Also, our monitoring center handles individual enrollment/installation and provides support and instruction on the removal of the hardware from the individual once they have completed their electronic monitoring supervision or have been removed from the program. Install and/or removal services can be performed at the agency's office or at one of our five satellite locations throughout Kentucky.

In addition to installation and removal, Premier Integrity Solutions will manage, on behalf of the agency, all the equipment associated with electronic monitoring. Premier will also train one of your agents or officers in your organization to install and/or remove monitoring equipment. Administering your own installations may qualify your organization for a reduced daily rate and we can even show you how it can be a source of additional revenue. Advantages of Premier Integrity Solutions Supplemental Services

  • Increased public safety through automatic voice alerts for potential and actual crime victims
  • Reduction of agency/agent workloads and attendant stress
  • The potential to increase officer caseloads while reducing workloads
  • More efficient utilization of resources allowing the agency to focus on its core competencies rather than equipment installation, inventory management, collections, funds disbursement, etc.
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About the SCRAM Program SCRAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) manufactured by Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. (AMS) is a tool that helps courts and agencies continuously monitor their alcohol offenders to ensure they're not drinking. Because SCRAM continuously monitors offenders — as often as every half hour around the clock — it is a much more effective and reliable alternative to random testing methods or incarceration.

The SCRAM Bracelet The SCRAM ankle bracelet — the heart of the SCRAM system — is attached to the offender with a durable and tamper-proof strap. It is worn 24/7 by the offender for the duration of his or her court-ordered abstinence period (typically 90-120 days).

Twice an hour, the bracelet captures transdermal alcohol readings by sampling the insensible perspiration collected from the air above the skin. The bracelet stores the data and, at pre-determined intervals, transmits it via a wireless radio-frequency (RF) signal to the SCRAM modem. The SCRAM Bracelet Attributes

  • Tamper and water resistant
  • Samples insensible perspiration every 30 minutes (2x per hour)
  • Automatically collects, stores, and transfers all data via the SCRAM modem on a predetermined schedule (at least 1x/day)
  • Date and time stamps for easy reporting and analysis

The SCRAM Modem The SCRAM modem is the mechanism by which the data that is collected by the SCRAM Bracelet gets transmitted to Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) for analysis and reporting.

When the SCRAM bracelet is installed on the offender's ankle, he or she also receives the SCRAM modem, which plugs into an analog telephone line — usually in the offender's home or place of work. At a pre-scheduled time(s) each day, the SCRAM bracelet "communicates" with the SCRAM modem, and the modem retrieves all available data from the bracelet. The modem also downloads monitoring and reporting schedules to the bracelet. The SCRAM Modem Attributes

  • Plugs into any telephone LAN line
  • Stores alcohol readings, tamper alerts, and diagnostic data uploaded from the SCRAM bracelet
  • Sends all data to SCRAMNET over the phone line
  • Downloads monitoring and reporting schedules from SCRAMNET to the SCRAM bracelet

SCRAMNET When data is received from the SCRAM modem, it is stored in SCRAMNET, the web-based application managed by AMS where offender data is collected, analyzed, and maintained in a secure, central location.

Where the SCRAM bracelet is the heart of the SCRAM system, SCRAMNET is the brains. It is the information hub that not only houses all offender data, but lets you manage it in the way that is the most effective for your offender management program.

SCRAMNET provides a wide range of reports and graphs at your fingertips — from a snapshot of a single event to a comprehensive view of an offender's behavior over time. SCRAMNET lets you customize and easily tailor the reporting that best suits your needs and individual cases, and helps reduce your workload through exception-based reporting. SCRAMNET Attributes Can be accessed around-the-clock, from any location, using a standard web browser

  • Provides exception-based reporting to reduce workload
  • Flags and graphically depicts any alcohol ingestion, tampers, or removal attempts
  • Lets you easily customize testing, synchronization, and reporting schedules for each offender
  • Provides customized reports and graphs to best suit your information needs
  • Allows you to cost-effectively monitor and manage numerous offenders simultaneously

For even more information about SCRAM, click here.

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accurate at lower cut-off levels This device supports a zero-tolerance drug testing program and can accurately say "yes or no" to drug use. It provides detection at levels low enough to fully sustain the intent of the law, NO tolerance for drug use. Watch the video below to learn more:

This device extends the detection period for the drugs tested and helps defeat the most common method of adulteration, dilution of urine. It allows you to provide a program which can deliver the promise of Zero Tolerance for drug use. reliable and easy to use

  • FDA Approved
  • Accuracy confirmed by GC/MS
  • Manufacturing quality control in ISO 9001 compliant facility
  • State-of-the-art cup design
  • Fast one-step procedure
  • Reduced exposure to urine
  • No timing devices required
  • Results are clear, easy-to-read and remain stable


on-line software / on-time compliance Sophisticated, yet easy to use, Judicator provides judges, case managers, probation officers and others comprehensive web-based monitoring for offender drug testing and call-in compliance.

Judicator’s Data Management (DM) System is used to obtain up-to-date drug test results, reports for specific offenders or locations, scheduling and much more. Judicator is available on-line, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. With no software to buy and install, Judicator is the most cost effective and user friendly system available today.

Point of collection results are entered into Judicator's database where an official report can be generated for the courts. Direct downloads from the lab allows the fastest way to obtain the laboratory report. The random generator allows for fast and accurate random selections for specific programs.

In addition to Judicator’s web-based monitoring, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System allows tracking of an offender’s daily calls to the program showing the time of the call and the number they call from. The 800 number is program specific and call window periods are available. Drug and alcohol offenders call daily or three times per week to see if they have been selected for a drug test. Juvenile offenders call in for curfew checks.

Judicator features Judicator’s Call-In System
Judicator’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System allows participants to call in daily for notification of scheduled drug tests. Custom call windows provide minimum notification prior to drug tests.

Random Schedule Generation
Judicator provides a completely random generation of testing schedules. Random can be days of the week, days of the month, hours of the day or any variation of either. Days can be excluded from each schedule (Sunday) or always included (Monday).

Customized reports are generated as needed to include total tests, positive tests, dilutes, drug classes, negatives, no shows, tests positive for multiple drugs, and more.

Judicial User Preferences
Governmental agencies most often require complete access to Judicator’s administrative controls for management of the program and the offender. However, an employee or program manager may only need access to reports and alerts. Judicator meets both needs.

Rapid Device Data Entry
For instant testing on site, Judicator enables the program manager to enter test results immediately allowing authorized personnel to administer the appropriate sanctions, thus providing for the safety of the participant and the community.

Drug Test Results
Judicator offers real-time drug test results availability. Complete drug test history is available to judges from the bench. Both instant testing and laboratory test results are available.

Judicator provides alerts to authorized personnel with notification of positive results, failure to test, diluted test results, adulterated tests, failure to call in during the required call window as well as other customized alerts.

Administrative Rights
Specific administrative viewing rights can be set up for a variety of personnel such as an office assistant or a judge. Administrative rights control the ability to add, delete, alter or customize a participant’s intake information allowing for successful offender management.

Judicator provides instant access to printable lab reports as well as a PDF of the actual Chain of Custody Form.

Judicator provides a notes section allowing for sanction, intervention and/or explanation so the proper management of the participant can occur.

Custom Rebranding of Website
Premier allows third party administrators and agencies to rebrand the Judicator website to reflect the TPA and/or agency identity, mission and authority as the program is effectively managed.