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Premier Integrity Solutions has an in-house software development team made up of Microsoft Certified developers. This fact allows Premier to customize our proprietary software solutions to meet individual customer needs. These experts in data integration, migration, and management are here to assist clients with set-up, troubleshooting, and problem solving regarding their organizations information system requirements. Premier offers several drug and alcohol testing management solutions that have been specifically designed to support industry sectors like drug court and pretrial criminal justice programs, probation and parole, case management, rehabilitation agencies, third party administrators, workplace, DOT, hiring agencies, and more. Premier has also developed Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) in four different versions targeted towards Physician Office Labs (POL), CLIA Laboratories, SAMHSA Laboratories, and Criminal Justice Laboratories.

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Premier Integrity Solutions provides data collection, maintenance, and retrieval through the use of SecureTox, a proprietary data management software specifically designed for drug testing program management and compliance. SecureTox offers many advantages including account administration, donor management, random pool customization, random selection generation, and reporting. SecureTox is a web-based application that allows for data retrieval at any time. The software maintains complete data history and allows clients to archive result reports that have already been viewed. SecureTox is integrated with many laboratories automatically retrieving testing results once released to reduce data entry, improve efficiency, and quicken turn-around times. Email alerts are generated when new results are accessible. Available reports include a Medical Review Officer Report (MRO) and Laboratory Report based on client preferences. Copies of the Chain of Custody form are also available to clients. Advanced filtering and data analysis can be completed for figuring the total number of positives, negatives, random tests, etc. Federal MIS and statistical reports can be generated at any time making it effortless to tally positive and negative test totals by desired criteria such as location and test type. SecureTox is a robust, yet easy to use, software solution that will optimize any drug testing program.

  • Account Administration
  • Donor Management
  • Random Pool Customization
  • Random Selection Generation
  • Compliant with Federal Regulations
  • Laboratory Integration
  • Web-Based Data Retrieval Anytime
  • Data Analysis Reporting
  • Medical Review Officer Report Access
  • Laboratory Report Access
  • Chain of Custody Access
  • Result Alerts and Archiving

AssureTox software is a proprietary Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) developed by Premier Integrity Solutions. AssureTox is toxicology specific which offers an unparalleled advantage including ease of use. Built in four different versions, AssureTox is specific to need and not overloaded with unnecessary complicated features. Versions have been designed with particular laboratories in mind including Physician Office Labs (POL), CLIA Laboratories, SAMHSA Laboratories, and Criminal Justice Laboratories. AssureTox was designed to optimize laboratory efficiency and offers many other benefits.

  • Time Efficiency Tracking to Identify Bottlenecks and Ensure Fast Turnaround
  • Setup, Training, and Customer Support
  • Internal Laboratory Chain of Custody and Audit Trails
  • Client Bill and Donor Pay Invoice Capabilities
  • Specialty Result Report Options like Trending and Summary
  • Fax, Email, and Web Portal Options for Quick Results Reporting
  • Customizable and Prebuilt Report Generation
  • Job Specific Worklists
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Integration
  • Record Modification Tracking

on-line software / on-time compliance Sophisticated, yet easy to use, Judicator provides judges, case managers, probation officers and others comprehensive web-based monitoring for offender drug testing and call-in compliance.

Judicator’s Data Management (DM) System is used to obtain up-to-date drug test results, reports for specific offenders or locations, scheduling and much more. Judicator is available on-line, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. With no software to buy and install, Judicator is the most cost effective and user friendly system available today.

Point of collection results are entered into Judicator's database where an official report can be generated for the courts. Direct downloads from the lab allows the fastest way to obtain the laboratory report. The random generator allows for fast and accurate random selections for specific programs.

In addition to Judicator’s web-based monitoring, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System allows tracking of an offender’s daily calls to the program showing the time of the call and the number they call from. The 800 number is program specific and call window periods are available. Drug and alcohol offenders call daily or three times per week to see if they have been selected for a drug test. Juvenile offenders call in for curfew checks.

Judicator features Judicator’s Call-In System
Judicator’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System allows participants to call in daily for notification of scheduled drug tests. Custom call windows provide minimum notification prior to drug tests.

Random Schedule Generation
Judicator provides a completely random generation of testing schedules. Random can be days of the week, days of the month, hours of the day or any variation of either. Days can be excluded from each schedule (Sunday) or always included (Monday).

Customized reports are generated as needed to include total tests, positive tests, dilutes, drug classes, negatives, no shows, tests positive for multiple drugs, and more.

Judicial User Preferences
Governmental agencies most often require complete access to Judicator’s administrative controls for management of the program and the offender. However, an employee or program manager may only need access to reports and alerts. Judicator meets both needs.

Rapid Device Data Entry
For instant testing on site, Judicator enables the program manager to enter test results immediately allowing authorized personnel to administer the appropriate sanctions, thus providing for the safety of the participant and the community.

Drug Test Results
Judicator offers real-time drug test results availability. Complete drug test history is available to judges from the bench. Both instant testing and laboratory test results are available.

Judicator provides alerts to authorized personnel with notification of positive results, failure to test, diluted test results, adulterated tests, failure to call in during the required call window as well as other customized alerts.

Administrative Rights
Specific administrative viewing rights can be set up for a variety of personnel such as an office assistant or a judge. Administrative rights control the ability to add, delete, alter or customize a participant’s intake information allowing for successful offender management.

Judicator provides instant access to printable lab reports as well as a PDF of the actual Chain of Custody Form.

Judicator provides a notes section allowing for sanction, intervention and/or explanation so the proper management of the participant can occur.

Custom Rebranding of Website
Premier allows third party administrators and agencies to rebrand the Judicator website to reflect the TPA and/or agency identity, mission and authority as the program is effectively managed.


CASE MANAGEMENT: COMING IN 2019 Specifically designed for social work, case managers, probation/parole and rehabilitation facilities, Judicator Case Management (JCM) helps users manage ever increasing caseloads by organizing user tasks, implementing workflows, and tracking participant compliance to achieve greater supervision and program outcomes.

Some of the features include:

  • Task Creation and Automation (fax, email, sms, phone call)
  • Document Management (E-Filing)
  • Laboratory Integration
  • Random Scheduling with IVR
  • Customizable Workflows
  • Payment Scheduling
  • Document Generation
  • Worklists and Calendars
  • Complete Participant Profiles
  • Web Based and Mobile Friendly
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Resource Eligibility Identification
  • Notifications
  • Reporting
  • Identify and Document Participant Needs
  • Identify and Document Psychosocial Factors
  • Identify and Document Participant Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Conduct and Document Customized Evaluations
  • Review Criminal History, Compliance History, and Sentence Requirements
  • Define Participant Goals
  • Create Strategies to Achieve Goals
  • Create Participant Team to Facilitate Goals
  • Establish Time-frames and Generate Calendar
  • Auto-Identify Services and Resources to Assist Participants Based on Eligibility Requirements and Participant Goals
  • Print Necessary Resource Information for Participants
  • Connect Participants via eFax, Email, or Task Creation on User Worklist
  • Task Creation to Monitor Participants
  • Ability to Schedule Home Visits, Drug Testing, etc. to Ensure Sentencing Compliance
  • Progress Analysis and Reporting
  • Alerting to Team Members
  • Customizable Intervention Escalation