Offender Monitoring Device

Premier Integrity Solutions has a full array of supplemental services to help ensure successful deployment and hassle-free execution. We offer assistance with violation verification and resolution, equipment installation and removal, billing and financial administration, extended training, program consulting and day reporting services. All designed to help shrink your workloads, streamline processes and reduce paperwork.

Monitoring Center Intervention

Premier Integrity Solutions will provide the initial response for the most common violations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained professionals at the Monitoring Center resolve these violations through direct contact with monitored individuals. When a common violation occurs, the exact timing, method and content of the communication by the Monitoring Center will be executed in accordance with pre-established and approved agency protocols.

When a monitoring specialist resolves or is able to close-out the violation, the events and actions taken are recorded for daily reports. Monitoring center intervention allows agencies to limit the number of immediate notifications sent to officers so they only receive those that truly warrant immediate follow-up. Monitoring Intervention services are also used to confirm that officers have received alerts and if the regular supervising officer is not available, to invoke escalation procedures.

Again, the timing, method and content of the agent/officer communication will be executed in accordance with pre-established and approved agency protocols.

Officer and Victim Voice Alerts

Notifications when those individuals under community supervision violate the terms of their release. These automated voice alerts can be customized by offender, violation and content. Voice messages can be automatically and simultaneously sent to a virtually unlimited number of recipients including potential victims. In minor cases of non-compliance, the supervising agent may be the only person to receive a voice alert. When a major violation occurs, the supervising agent, a law enforcement officer and the potential victim could all receive automatic voice alert messages, sent to cell or landline telephones.

Equipment/Inventory Services

Premier Integrity Solutions will manage the complete installation. Also, our monitoring center handles individual enrollment/installation and provides support and instruction on the removal of the hardware from the individual once they have completed their electronic monitoring supervision or have been removed from the program. Install and/or removal services can be performed at the agency's office or at one of our five satellite locations throughout Kentucky.

In addition to installation and removal, Premier Integrity Solutions will manage, on behalf of the agency, all the equipment associated with electronic monitoring. Premier will also train one of your agents or officers in your organization to install and/or remove monitoring equipment. Administering your own installations may qualify your organization for a reduced daily rate and we can even show you how it can be a source of additional revenue.

Advantages of Premier Integrity Solutions Supplemental Services

  • Increased public safety through automatic voice alerts for potential and actual crime victims.
  • Reduction of agency/agent workloads and attendant stress.
  • The potential to increase officer caseloads while reducing workloads.
  • More efficient utilization of resources allowing the agency to focus on its core competencies rather than equipment installation, inventory management, collections, funds disbursement, etc.
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