Testing Devices: Drug Deterrent Home Pak

are your kids doing drugs?

If you suspect your kids of abusing drugs, SAFE & SURE Drug Deterrent Home Pak is for you. This pak provides preliminary information in just a few minutes about the possible use of illegal drugs and commonly abused prescription drugs.

prevention starts at home

Talk to your kids about alcohol and drug abuse. Then let them know you're serious about helping prevent drug abuse by placing a Drug Deterrent Home Pak on top of the refrigerator or on the kitchen counter. When they know testing can happen at any time, they are more likely to say NO when in a pressure situation.

accurate and easy to use

99.9% accurate results are easy to read. In addition to the testing device, the pak contains a helpful instruction guide to achieve results in just minutes.

additional alcohol test device

If you want to test for alcohol use, just check the alcohol testing option when placing your order over the phone or through the Premier On-Line Store.